First Holidays and Special Moments {Contest}

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With a new baby in the house we are all focused on firsts. First solid food, first time rolling over, first time sleeping through the night, first giggles and smiles. We’re all so excited to see what Delaney will do next and we’re all excited to capture memories as her firsts too. This time of year is full of first memories waiting to be captured. First trip to the pumpkin patch. First Halloween and the adorable costume that went with it. First Thanksgiving and tiny turkey handprints. First experience with fluffy white snow. First awestruck look at twinkling Christmas lights. First time baking Christmas cookies with Great Grandma. The list goes on and on and on.

I can’t hide my excitement for this holiday season. It’s a time of wonderful memories – some of them firsts and some of them not – but all of them priceless. I love seeing Delaney experience milestones, family traditions and new things. Delaney’s firsts are two-fold and a little extra special. They are her’s and they go on her list of accomplishments forever, but they have the added benefit of reminding me of Madeline’s firsts too. It’s like two firsts for the price of one. While putting Delaney in her little yellow butterfly wings so she could go out and trick-or-teat with her big sister I couldn’t help but remember dressing Madeline in her big fluffy pumpkin costume on her first Halloween.

I know that while the girls and I enjoy our annual day of Christmas cookie baking with Great Grandma it will be doubly sweet because it will be Delaney’s first cookie day and it will remind this sentimental mama of Madeline’s first cookie day too.

With this in mind I shared a very warm and fuzzy memory of one of Madeline’s first Christmas moments at the Right Start Blog. A Sweet first holiday moment with Santa Claus that I will always remember fondly and am happily looking forward to repeating with Delaney. I bet you have a bunch of special holiday firsts of your children stored in your memory banks or even happening right now too. You can share a first holiday moment with Right Start too. You can join in all the sentimental fun of Right Start’s First Holiday Moments Contest 2012 and enter to win up to $250 in gift certificates to Right Start all while sharing your child’s first moment on the Right Start Blog. Entering is super easy, especially if you are a sappy mama who likes to look back through pictures of your little ones and share adorable stories about your children. The hardest part is deciding which first moment to share. Now go on over to the Right Start Blog for more information so I can oooh and ahhh over your little one’s first holiday moment too.

This post is not sponsored. I’m just taking it upon myself to make sure you know about this opportunity to do those things all mama’s love to do – brag on your kiddos adorableness and reminisce over fun memories. 

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