She’s a giver

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On Christmas morning while opening gifts it came time for Delaney to take a turn opening one of her gifts. In reality, Delaney opening a gift really amounted to Luke or me opening the gift for her and her trying to eat whatever paper or bow was within her reach. I pulled the tissue paper from the gift bag to expose a large, round, white piggy bank complete with a little jeweled crown on it’s head and tulle tutu wrapped around it’s waist. Delaney’s first piggy bank. Madeline was thrilled. In the middle of opening gifts she jumped up and ran up the stairs. Luke and I were both confused, calling after her trying to figure out what was suddenly more important to a bouncy five-year-old than opening gifts. A minute later she came speeding down the stairs with a handful of coins and promptly started dropping them into her little sister’s new piggy bank. Luke and I looked at each other stunned and confused.

“Maddy, what are you doing?”
“Giving Delaney some money for her piggy bank.”
“Honey, you don’t have to give Delaney money. You can keep your money in your piggy bank and Delaney will get money of her own as she grows up.”
“I know, Mom, but I want to share my money with my sister.”

This girl. She blows me away with the big love she gives to everyone in her life. That moment was one the highlights of my Christmas day. One of the highlights of my year actually. Moments like this remind me that for all the struggles and challenges parenting throws my way, for all the days I feel like I’m failing miserably at this motherhood gig, I’m not failing at all. We must be doing something right. Madeline gave me a beautiful gift and it wasn’t wrapped, it wasn’t adorned with ribbons or bows, but it was shinier than the shiniest Christmas paper and lovelier than the prettiest ribbons tied in handmade bows.

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  1. Gillian Bliss says:

    Children learn by example, enough said.

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