Heart In Your Hands Valentine’s Handprint Cards

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I love turning cute little kid handprints or footprints into cute little keepsakes. Our Handprint Bats, Fall Handprint Wreaths, Candy Corn Footprint Cards, Ghost Footprint cards and Handprint Four-Leaf Clovers have all been fun ways to record different ages and celebtrate different holidays. Handprint and footprint crafts make perfect gifts for grandparents. I know, all handmade kid crafts make good grandparent gifts but handprints are especially great, because they are especially cute and especially memorable. And now, I’ll stop saying especially.

Supplies needed to make “Heart in your Hands” Valentines’s Handprint Cards
1 light colored piece of construction paper or cardstock (this will be the outer part of the card)
1 dark colored piece of construction paper or cardstock (this will be the handprint portion of the card)
Markers or crayons

How to Make “Heart in your Hands” Valentine’s Handprint Cards

Step 1. Fold both of sheets of paper in half lengthwise. Set the light colored piece to the side to use as the card later.


Step 2. Position your child’s hand on the dark piece of folded paper so the edges of the thumb and pointer fingers are right up to the creased side of the paper. Curve the thumb in just a bit to make a slightly rounded top of a heart. Spread the other fingers out a bit. Using the pencil trace the hand.

Step 3. Leaving the paper folded, cut out the handprint. Leave the edge where the edge of the thumb and pointer finger touched intact. When you unfold the paper it should look like the thumbs and pointer fingers are coming together to form a heart shape.

Step 4. Line the fold in the middle of the heart/handprints with the inside of the light piece of folded paper. Glue the hand cutout into the card.

Step 5. Flip the card upside-down so the heart in the middle of the hands is right side up then using the markers or crayons write valentine’s messages and decorations on the front of the card and inside the card. Madeline, used a variety of colors to draw flowers and a rainbow on the front. Nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day” like a rainbow.

Oh. This girl. She’s like a sophisticated model with her slight lean and quarter smile. I love her. She’s got my heart in her hands.

Do you send Valentine’s to family members? 

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One Response to Heart In Your Hands Valentine’s Handprint Cards

  1. Donna says:

    Very cute the hands become the heart!

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