Kid-Friendly Lunch: Wacky Apple

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Instead of a whole meal, today I would like to spotlight a great snack or side item for kid-friendly lunch. I talk a lot about healthy food and introducing variety into your kid’s diets around here. I try to pack a healthy and balanced lunch for Madeline every day. I want her to have the best fuel to keep her focused, engaged and learning all day long. I get into ruts sometimes though. I think we all do. It’s a hazard of packing a lunch everyday. Or cooking for the same people every single day. For this reason I am always glad to get some new foods to toss into my lunch packing rotation. This is where Wacky Apple comes in.

Wacky Apple is a family owned and operated Colorado company- yay for local!- offering 5 flavors of organic apple sauce and organic apple juice, 3 flavors of Flat Fruit (better known as, fruit leather), and seasonal organic fresh fruit. Wacky Apple’s products are all organic and have no added sweeteners.

Wacky Apple Flat Fruit- Made from organic ingredients and no added sweeteners!

Honestly we don’t drink a lot of juice in our house but we go through more than our fair share of applesauce. Madeline likes applesauce to snack on. Delaney loves applesauce on it’s own, in oatmeal, or mixed with yogurt. I enjoy a nice bowl of applesauce every now and then, and I love to bake with applesauce and Luke enjoys eating whatever I bake. We were recently sent a variety of Wacky Apple products to try. Madeline has loved getting the Flat Fruit in her school snacks. What kid doesn’t love fruit leather? I like that this fruit leather has no added sugar, is locally made and organic. I’ve really enjoyed the Cinnamon Applesauce. It has big cinnamon flavor and reminds me of my childhood and the cinnamon I used to dump into my bowls of applesauce. I guess I’ve always been a cinnamon fan and it looks like Delaney is following in her mom’s footsteps as she loves to have her fruits and vegetables spiced with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves or allspice. She has a refined palate.

Wacky Apple Applesauce


I know I often share recipes for homemade snacks and meals and a prepackaged snack is not something I usually share about, but let’s face it as moms we’re busy and while I love to make everything I can from scratch with wholesome ingredients it just isn’t realistic. Having a few quality prepackaged items on hand helps me serve good food even though I am sometimes very pinched for time. I appreciate Wacky Apple’s passion for healthy foods and pesticide free farming and I can’t help but root for the local guy.

Wacky Apple

You can learn more about Wacky Apple and find retailers near you on their website.

We received complimentary Wacky Apple products to try. All opinions are our own. 


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