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  • Q is for Quilt

    on Sep 13, 11 • in ABC's, Evolving Kids, Learning Activities • with No Comments

    Letter Q Activity

    The letter Q is one of those letters that feels a little limiting at times. What do you do with the letter Q besides the usual Queen and quarter? Quail maybe? Madeline’s Nana is quite the quilter and so we have a few random fabric scraps. I’m not sure why since while I can appreciate a pretty fabric I can’t seem to do much with it beyond think it looks pretty. So what do you do when you have a random stash of strips of fabric in your house? You do a Q is for

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  • Easy Craft Idea: Tie-Dye Paper

    on Aug 24, 11 • in Arts & Crafts, Colors, Everyday, Evolving Kids, Learning Activities • with 2 Comments

    Tie-Dye Paper Activity

    With an almost four-year-old in the house easy activities and crafts keep me sane. Easy activities that children can do on their own or with minimal parental guidance are winners in my book. Every parent has moments where they are looking to keep their child busy without using the TV to mindlessly distract them. Tie-Dye Paper is easy, inexpensive and fun. A winner all around. Supplies needed to make Tie-Dye Paper: white coffee filters washable markers spray bottle filled with water Step 1: Using the markers color a coffee filter. Free coloring, abstract design or

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  • C is for Caterpillar

    on Aug 10, 11 • in ABC's, Evolving Kids, Learning Activities • with 5 Comments

    letter c activity

    We are kind of into butterflies around here lately. We have season passes to the Butterfly Pavillion here in Colorado and on top of making several visits to see the butterflies we have been checking out lots of butterfly books from the library too. Well, what better way to follow up a letter B is for Butterfly activity than with a letter C is for Caterpillar activity. Supplies to Make Letter C Caterpillars construction paper colorful pom poms school glue crayons googly eyes 1 large artificial leaf, about 4 inches across or so (optional) How

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  • B is for Butterfly

    on Aug 3, 11 • in ABC's, Evolving Kids, Learning Activities • with 2 Comments

    B is for Butterfly supplies

    Butterflies are magical. Their delicate wings covered in beautiful colors. The way they start life looking so very different than how they end up. Maddy loves them. She also loves pom poms, pipe cleaners, water color paints and glue. Buh buh buh B is for butterfly. Supplies for Letter B Butterflies construction paper pipe cleaners pom poms school glue water color paint large uppercase letter B to trace (optional) How to Make Letter B Butterflies Step 1. Trace the letter B back to back for the butterfly’s wings. If you do not have a

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  • Clothespin Game: A Small Motor Activity

    on Jul 17, 11 • in Colors, Evolving Kids, Games, Learning Activities • with 4 Comments

    PSmall motor skills activity

    I’m a sucker for things like pipe cleaners, brand new pencils, pom poms in every shade of the rainbow, school glue, popsicle sticks and clothespins. I buy these random things without plans for how they will get used. I just know that at some point an idea will strike and Maddy and I will be in for some fun. You can imagine the supplies I have stashed all over the house I am sure. Armed with my package of clothespins and a few other simple supplies I have managed to make a few fun games

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  • The Incredible Egg Carton Octopus!

    on Apr 19, 11 • in 123's, Animals, Arts & Crafts, Everyday, Evolving Kids, Learning Activities • with No Comments

    Egg Carton Octopus

    Eggs are incredible. We go through a lot of eggs each week in our house. So of course we also go through a lot of egg cartons in our house as well. Luckily egg cartons are pretty incredible too. So what to do with some of this egg carton stockpile? Well, in honor of Easter and Earth Day we decided to tackle some egg carton crafting. With a little cutting and hole poking we turned some plain old pieces of an egg carton into a colorful octopus family. A pretty incredible octopus family if

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  • Crafting With Recyclables: ABC Game Pieces

    on Apr 18, 11 • in ABC's, Evolving Kids, Games, Learning Activities • with 3 Comments

    Homemade Alphabet Matching Game

    I tend to keep things. Things that most people would probably just toss in their recycle bin or throw away. When I look at things I see their crafting potential. Bubble wrap pulled from packages can make awesome texture for an indian corn project. Yogurt tubs, empty toilet paper rolls, paper shopping bags and egg cartons all have potential to become something else with a little imagination. We have one of those can openers that takes the whole top of the can off instead of cutting the top of the lid. I’ve been saving the

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